Onomatopee DDW19

The (un)conservative, (un)fashioned, (un)decided, (in)dependent, (un)civil, and more Design Museum Eindhoven.
By probing and prompting the challenges of today within productive set-ups surrounding international specialisms, Onomatopee Projects both initiates self-organised projects and develops a range of diverse programming along others, with an aim of sharing amongst the direct, local community so as to continuously spark curiosity and provoke engagement.Starting first as a close-to-body wonder, Onomatopee subsequently enables a deeper penetration of the tissue, encouraging all that are present to leave with an almost academic basis of understanding.
Design and execution of the visual identity for Onomatopee during Dutch Design Week 2019, including printed matter such as an A2 folded exhibition guide, social media content and advertisements.

2019; for Onomatopee Projects, concept: Freek Lomme