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War Children — A Journey Through my Grandparent‘s Childhood
Together with my grandparents I visited the places they called home during the Second World War and collected their stories. The book tells four different childhoods which represent thousand of childhoods lived during the Second World War. Therefor the book contains no names or no faces. Everyone should be able to empathize with the stories. Each childhood is represented in a different reading directions.
The related thesis researches on the topic “war children” — the generation born between 1927—1945, a phenomenon that is found in several German families. Many of them still suffer from mental issues, caused by the trauma experiences during Second World War. Mental issues they passed on to their descendants. In addition the thesis investigates treatment options and the today‘s relevance especially on view of the current refugees situation.

2016 Bachelor Graduation Project Communication Design Hochschule Düsseldorf
Supervisors: Prof. Victor Malsy, Dirk Heinrich

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