Graphic Design of the Design Academy Graduation Catalogue 2021
This years concept of the Graduation Catalogue is a navigational index as an invitation to explore the themes, keywords, materials and methodologies of the graduation projects. Each word is symbolic of a connection to a larger context. In the same way, the projects themselves may each be read as a symbolic index of the design field, current times, and possible futures.

The Graduation Catalogue consists of 4 larger indexes: the main Index, which contains more than 500 index word with subcategories and references that help the reader to navigate through the projects and shows potential connections. This Index is containing as well an alphabetical index of all the student names and project titles. Followed by a visual index, ordered by departments, a word frequency index of all words used within the project texts and last but definitely not least the project index, structures alphabetical by the names of the students. For the project pages it was important for us to create a fluent layout, that keeps the main structure of a catalogue, but that allows us to portrait each project in the best possible way. For this we asked the students to submit us additional footage that we can use alongside the image that was taken during the photo-shooting.

Editorial Team: Nadine Botha & Zeniya Vreugdenhil
Design & Art Direction Photography: Wibke Bramesfeld
Projectleader Catalogue: Stijn van der Vleuten
Student assistent Design: Johanna Gratzer
Photographers: Femke Reijerman, Iris Rijskamp, Nicole Marnati, Pierre Castignola
Print: Rob Stolk

images 1, 5—7: Ronald Smits